About Us



We at CK Marks feel that each client should receive real common sense answers to their questions. We uniquely position our products and services in the industry so clients can get the latest in technology and reach new customers quickly and effectively. We are not your normal Information Technology Business Consulting firm. We practice a more hands on approach with our products and services. We don't use a set of mediums that most marketing companies use for every client. Each client that has used our services has seen an increase in volume to their business of up to a 22% increase in phone calls in a short period of time. This is major for a small business looking to reach new audiences without depleting their bank accounts.

That doesn't mean that we have all that you may need to be the best in your industry. We are constantly searching for companies that are practicing less conventional methods of advertising and adding them to our database for you to utilize. So why team up with CK Marks? We have your best interest at heart. It is our goal to help you become one of the few businesses that will stand out from the crowd and capture fresh leads from multiple platforms. As a member, your business will be marketed to other business members and to new customer leads that we generate. We are offering products that will put the spot light on your business and will enhance your current marketing strategies. This is just one of a few ways you can benefit by working with us.

CK Marks is a leading innovator in matching business tools, latest marketing techniques and IT support together so you can have a leaner more profitable business. Assisting customers since 2007, CK Marks has utilized proven techniques in the areas of Mass Marketing, online video blast, business development and IT support.

CK Marks Inc. has expanded to include divisions that offer a unique position. The Mighty Foundation, a community of like minded individuals focusing on the improvement of local communities and small business achievement. IT Support, which is the back bone for smaller size companies looking to break the mode of stagnation and underachieving products. And the newest division is the business services division. Here you can get help with starting your business, building corporate credit and developing ideas. 

Founded by two brothers, Ceolus Raines III and Kinard Cherry in 2006, CK Marks has grown to include other industry demanding services and products. We offer complete IT support and Cloud Technology for all types of businesses. It is our Vision to help any business excel to the next level and remain there using sound principles and strategies that only the forbs 500 use.

CK Marks has become the driving force for top notch customer service, low rates and quick turnaround. This is done with no effort because it is a way of life.